Fine Tailored Suits Production


Our tailoring heritage was built on the grounds between London & Istanbul since 1960.We have combined traditional and contemporary designs with the master craftsmanship of Turkish mainland tailoring.Our inevitable journey through the clothing industry,has matured and filtered into a humble drive force,packed with generations of valuable tailoring experiences.We have been developing and producing premium quality tailored Suits from Istanbul,for luxurious high street brands over many years.

We offer specialist one stop services providing our clients the options of working on CMT,CIF or FOB terms and conditions.We start with developing design and fit samples based on each clients specific instructions.We work in cooperation to move forward onto Sealing and SMS stages in good time.Bulk Production is strictly monitored with immense attention to detail from start to finish.Ensuring all requirements and specifications that are unique to each client are carefully adhered to.We produce beautifully crafted men’s and women’s ready to wear tailored suits at the most affordable prices.

Garment Type:

Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Production

Fabric Weight:

from 200gr/m2 up to 450gr/m2

Minimum Order Quantity:

400pcs per style and colour

Product Categories:

Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Production
Dinner Jackets & Tuxedos Production
Smart Single Breasted Suits Production
Sharp Double Breasted Suits Production
Unlined & Half Lined Casual Jackets Production
Soft Unstructured Jackets Production
Casual Sports Jackets & Blazers Production
Half Lined & Full Lined Smart & Casual Trouser Production

Fabric Type:

%100 Wool Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Manufacturer
Wool Blends
%100 Tweed Fine Tailored Mens & Womans Suits Manufacturer
%100 Cotton Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Manufacturer
%100 Linen Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Manufacturer
Linen Blends
%100 Polyester Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Manufacturer
Polyester Blends
%100 Silk Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Manufacturer
Silk Blends
%100 Velvet Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Manufacturer

Client Details - Our Production sites have been producing Fine Tailored Suits for Exclusive Brands:

Christopher RAEBURN Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Supplier
Ben Sherman Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Supplier
Paul Smith Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Supplier
E.Tautz Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Supplier
Hackett London Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Supplier
Nichole Fahri Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Supplier
La Martina Fine Tailored Mens and Womens Suits Supplier
Superdry + Timothy Everest Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Supplier
Finisterre Fine Tailored & Womens Mens Suits Supplier
Reiss Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Supplier

Ethical Trading - Production Site Compliance Certifications:

Sedex Membership & Site Linking (SMETA)
Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code Third Party Independent Auditing (ETI)

Approximate Price & Working Terms:

CMT / FOB / CIF – Prices are subject to the order quantity and styling details.

More About Fine Tailored Mens & Womens Suits Production:

Men have typically been wearing suits much longer than women because it was a staple of the corporate culture wardrobe.Women’s fashion however,developed suit options later on due to the career shift,indicative of leaving the home for an outside job.In some circles suits are so strongly related to image that they have been called ‘Power suits’ and helped to establish hierarchy and position.A suit which is derived from the French word ‘suite’ has often been worn as a sign of respect,such as would be seen at a wedding,graduation or funeral.The beauty of a truly great suit is in the way that it can fulfil any purpose that you have in mind,when it has been designed and constructed in the right way,using the right cloth.Thanks to the expertise of our team,we are able to create clothes suited to any climate or part of the world.Whether it be a week’s holiday in the mediterranean during the height of summer or an autumnal buisness trip to New York.Sophisticated two and three-piece suits to wear in the Office or about town are the backbone of the modern gentleman’s wardrobe.Weather you require a classsically elegant navy chalkstripe suit,a staple grey flannel lounge suit,a double-breasted buisiness suit,or something more relaxed for informal dinners.We are perfectly positioned to create tailored clothing that compliments your character and meet your requirements.

Ideal Cut & Style:

The cut or silhouette of a man’s jacket will be decidedly different from that of a woman’s jacket.Men’s jackets are often boxy in shape with only minor detailing through the midriff,whereas a women’s jacket will often be more fitted with princess seaming,a design element that curves in at the midriff shaping the figure.

In Men’s trousers there are generally two types,pleated and flat front.Women have the additional option of choosing either trousers or a skirt.

Men’s suits adhere to more stricter style decisions and can be considered ‘evergreens’ mainstay patterns lasting through time.Women’s suits are more fashion forward and often feature a whole host of trimmings,some of them being embellishments of fringe,cord or ribbon around the lapel and pockets.Flourishes such as lace,extra buttons or even embroidery.Fabric choices also differentiate a man’s suit from a woman’s.High twisted fabrics with draping or hand such as wool worsteds and silk blends,or sometimes a micrfibre on a more casual suit,are the main choices for men.Women’suits however,can be mismatched colour wise and texturally,meaning the jacket is different from the trousers or skirt.The fabrics embrace a variety of materials from jaquards,to boucle and tweeds,or even rough silks.The colour palette for a man’s suit is generally subdued and follows conformist standards such as black,navy,Brown,charcoal,tan or deep olive.Sometimes there will be a slight woven pattern such a thin pinstripe,a small herringbone,or a muted plaid for the jacket.Women’s suit dig deeper for richer hues and the colour choice is unlimited as there are pink jackets,buttery yellow blends and lots more.Plus women’s suits can tend to be more textural with colour using fabric slubs,thick woven tweeds or other heavy elements in combination with decorative prints.

Suiting Fabrics:


The universal natural fibre is wool that,although associated with heavy tweeds actually breathes well,is water resistant to an extent and will not burn when brushed by a stray cigarette.Forgive a degree of eulogising,but this incredible fibre has been the fabric of choice for millennia.Wool can also be successfully combined with polyester to host the benefits of both fabrics as a moth-proof ,breathable and economical fabric available in a variety of weights.


Recent men’s fashion has catapulted the wool-based tweed upon a glorious silver pedestal to the very height of taste.Once synonymous with the elderly and country parishes,the legislation-protected cloth now adoms young and old,hipster and traditionalist and never had need to be sidelined in the first place.


Cotton is the second most popular fabric for suits and is derived from plant fibres.Cotton suites move and breathe well but tend to crease easily.They are satisfactory when it comes to softness but lag behind in the luxury department when compared to wool fabrics.


As for travels abroad and the height of summer,many gentlemen fear the suit wholly inappropriate.For holiday makers this is quite understandable,but there remain in the mind images of Daniel Craig stepping off a jet in the Bahamas.Cotton and Linen her efor the saviour of Men’s tailoring.Both these fibres grow from the earth hang beautifully in stony colours.Linen in particular offers options of blends of cotton or even silk introduced to the fabric.We need not elaborate upon the mere thought of such luxury.However,we would hasten to add that summer is and should be a time of activity.In times of picnics,beer gardens and country walks a man’s clothing is at its most vunerable.A good breathable fabric in a good cut need not cost the earth and will lose nothing from regular trips to the dry cleaners.


Corduroy is a type of cotton woven in such a way as to produde ‘tunnels’ that are then cut so the fibresspring outwards.This is an everyday staple,ideal in Winter,though more common as a seperate trousers given the heavy weight.


Polyester is made from synthetic materials.It usually is blended with another fibre ,such as wool,inorder to cut costs.Polyester produces more fabric shine compared to wool and cotton and has a reputation for not breathing very well.


Derived from insects,silk is an animal protein typically used by moths to build cocoons.Silk offers superior comfort and is much more expensive than polyester to produce.It is a breathable fabric and a natural tempreture regulator,helping the body retain heat in cold weather,while excess heat is expelled in warm weather.


Velvet is a similar cotton with a ‘pile’ of upward-facing fibres that will wear quicker if bushed against this grain.For this reason,velvet suits are rare given there vulnrability and should be made with the trousers pile upwards so when the wearer is sitting the sliding direction goes with the grain.Dinner suits and smoking jackets are beatiful uses of this fabric. Velvet is a closely woven fabric of silk,cotton and nylon.The texture of velvet is luxurious to touch and it is breathable.But due to its blending with nylon,is less aerated than silk.


We have a highly experienced team at our design room working in cooperation to develop and produce a wide spectrum of womenswear & menswear at premium standards yet affordable prices.

We purchase yarns and send them to one of our weaving mill partners to produce a greige fabric. Then we send the greige fabric to one of our dyeing mill partners. Whenever the fabrics are ready we send them to our cutting, sewing and ironing mill partners who are specialized in Overcoats Production or Topcoats Production.

Our production sites work in compliance with the code of conduct and adhere to the local and international laws of ethical trading ETI base code.

Design Room based in London

Development and production are all worked from Istanbul Turkey.

We combine the dynamics of our highly creative design room in London,with the know how and expertise of our workforce in Istanbul.Working with immense focus and attention to detail,we Offer Premium quality woman’s and men’s suits at most affordable price points.

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