Fine Tailored Coats Production


Our tailoring heritage was built on the grounds between London & Istanbul since 1960. We combine traditional and contemporary designs with the master craftsmanship of Turkish mainland tailoring.Our inevitable journey through the clothing industry,has matured and filtered into a humble drive force,packed with generations of valuable tailoring experiences.We have been developing and producing premium quality coats from Istanbul,at affordable prices for exclusive high end brands over many years.

We offer specialist one stop services to all our clients,supplying the options of working on CMT,CIF & FOB terms and conditions.We begin with developing to produce a design and fit sample working solely from a sketch and design sheet,upto ‘Sealing’ ‘SMS’ and finally ‘Bulk Production’.All stages are strictly monitored adhering to the requirements and specifications that are unique to each client & brand.Creating to produce beautifully crafted men’s and women’s ready to wear coats at affordable prices.

Garment Type:

Fine Tailored Coats Production

Fabric Weight:

from 350gr/m2 up to 650gr/m2

Minimum Order Quantity:

400pcs per style and colour

Product Categories:

Fine Tailored Coats for Men & Woman
Town Coats Production
Pea Coats Production
Covert Coats Production
Guard Coats Production
Trench Coats Production
Duffle Coats Production
Chesterfields Coats Production
Parkas Coats Production

Fabric Type:

%100 Wool Fine Tailored Coats Manufacturer
Wool Blends
%100 Cashmere Fine Tailored Coats Manufacturer
Cashmere Blends
%100 Mohair Fine Tailored Coats Manufacturer
Mohair Blends

Client Details - Our Production sites have been producing Fine Tailored Coats for Exclusive Brands:

Christopher RAEBURN Fine Tailored Coats Supplier
Ben Sherman Fine Tailored Coats Supplier
Paul Smith Fine Tailored Coats Supplier
E.Tautz Fine Tailored Coats Supplier
Hackett London Fine Tailored Coats Supplier
Nichole Farhi Fine Tailored Coats Supplier
La Martina Fine Tailored Coats Supplier
Superdry + Timothy Everest Fine Tailored Coats Supplier
Superdry + Idris Elba Fine Tailored Coats Supplier
Finisterre Fine Tailored Coats Supplier
Reiss Fine Tailored Coats Supplier

Ethical Trading - Production Site Compliance Certifications:

Sedex Membership & Site Linking (SMETA)
Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code Third Party Independent Auditing (ETI)

Approximate Price & Working Terms:

CMT / FOB / CIF – Prices are subject to the order quantity and styling details.

More About Fine Tailored Classic & Casual Coats Production:

The ultimate investment piece,a tailored coat adds polish to your look and is a fitting compliment to the suit beneath.Coats are an Autumn / Winter wardrobe essential.Just like any other piece of clothing,a winter coat is the reflection of your style. In many cases,a coat is an investment piece.Once you've found the perfect material,you're set for several seasons ahead. Since you'll be wearing your coat for more than one season,it should be not only warm,but stylish and elegant.

In terms of colours there are several hues you can never go wrong with; black, grey and navy are ideal 'partners' for any colour combination. On the other hand,contrasting coats are a greater statement piece.Brighter colours are known for their ability to lift our spirits even on a most gloomy day,while houndstooth or plaid patterns are guaranteed to transform you into your most refined self.

Ideal Cut & Style:

Our Ready-to-Wear collection offers a lot of scope for different fits and patterns.Choose from our wide range of exclusive and designer fabric archive to create the perfect outfit for you.We offer great flexibility in style and design for all occasions whether formal,casual or simply going around in the city!

Beauty,nature and the traditions of rural life are the driving force of our creativity and inspire a cut and style that expresses our special way of life.

The first impression is made with a coat,and that's why it needs to be perfect in all respects.Coats come on various cuts and silhouettes.Single-breasted coats are more casual than double-breasted,although both are classic cuts.Pea coats or duffle coats,long or knee high variants,oversize or body-flattering options.If you're making a winter coat,consider leaving some room underneath in case you'd want to put on a sweater for extra warmth.No matter which silhouette you've chosen,it should look good emphasizing and complimenting your strong points.

Every Design is a Statement;sophisticated,subtle and elegant without being pretentious.

The ready-to-wear collections coats embody the European lifestyle with a deep devotion to nature.A unique look for the elegant woman and man from the city to the countryside.

Coating Fabrics:

The most luxury coating fabrics are created by the range of prominent European manufacturers,Boucle and tweed boucle fabrics come from Clarenson,Grosber,Luigi Verga and Carnet.Jaquard - from Ruffo Coli,Carnet Malhia Kent.Those who prefer Paisley or colourful prints can go for Etro.Fabrics by Loro Piano and Luigi Colombo are favoured by the aficionados of fine wool with a touch of cashmere.For a man's coat,the fabric of first choice can be worsted by Holland & Sherry,Scabal,Dormeuil and Ermenegildo Zegna.Herrinbone and Prince of Whales checks are a heritage piece that never runs out of fashion.

Designed to protect your body from cold,wind and rain during early spring,autumn and winter seasons.Coat fabrics come in a variety of weights and finishes,from lightweight materials for cooler weather to heavy cloths that are up to the challenge even on the most freezing day.

Lightweight materials include jacquard,tweed and boucle,wool & wool blends.Some of them can be made into stylish outerwear to be worn on top of an elegant dress or a mind-blowing two-piece suit.

Medium weight fabrics comprise denser wool materials and jacquards,cashmere,various wool blends.

Heavy coat fabrics are created to keep you super warm and comfortable in snowy or otherwise severe winters.The most popular being 100% wool materials.Since wool is one of the most popular choices for winter apparel,it demands a whole new chapter.Why is wool so specials?


Wool is natural and breathable.It is known for its insulating properties and softness.You might consider buying 100% wool or go for wool blend - both will keep you warm.The good thing about sheep's wool is that it comes in all sorts of finishes: boiled wool,flannel,gabardine and felt are just some of the examples.Sheep's wool is also water resistant,which makes it perfect for snowy weather.


Tweed fabrics are either wool or wool blends,the classic colourways being all about earthy tones.Tweeds are sturdy and durable,they are one of those timeless options that never go out of fashion.They are also highly versatile: lightweight tweeds woven with fancy yarn are perfect for those Chanelesque looks,while Harris tweed is the iconic fabric for gentleman.


With its distinctive frizzy look,mohair is ideal for winter coats and jackets.Made from the fleece of the Angora goat,it is second to none in terms of natural fibre durability.It is warm and fuzzy,and it fits both men's and women's wardrobes.Either pure or blended with wool,mohair fabrics will keep you warm all season long.


Cashmere is more expensive compared to sheep's wool,but it's a real show stopper.Fabulously soft and silky,it is probably one of the best picks for special occasion coats.Cashmere is more difficult to care for,but it's well worth the risk.


We have a highly experienced team at our design room working in cooperation to develop and produce a wide spectrum of womenswear & menswear at premium standards yet affordable prices.

We purchase yarns and send them to one of our weaving mill partners to produce a greige fabric. Then we send the greige fabric to one of our dyeing mill partners. Whenever the fabrics are ready we send them to our cutting, sewing and ironing mill partners who are specialized in Overcoats Production or Topcoats Production.

Our production sites work in compliance with the code of conduct and adhere to the local and international laws of ethical trading ETI base code.

Design Room based in London

Development and production are all worked from Istanbul Turkey.

We combine the dynamics of our highly creative design room in London,with the know how and expertise of our workforce in Istanbul.Working with immense focus and attention to detail,we Offer Premium quality woman’s and men’s coats at most affordable price points.

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