About Bosforus

Bosforus Textile

We are an Istanbul-based textile-production company based at the very heart of one of the world’s fabric and garment production hubs. Our desirable location has seen us grow to achieve a strong standing in international fashion production, supplying fabrics and garments at competitive prices with fair, favourable working conditions. We specialize in lower-volume, bespoke fabric and garment orders ,with our services focusing on one goal; that of becoming our customers’ long-term partners, guaranteeing quality, reliability and sustainability.

We have approximately 30 years' market experience working with high fashion brands, which demand excellent quality and low-volume orders, as well as mid-range brands ordering 1000s of units per style.

What do we do?

We purchase yarn and send it to one of our weaving or knitting site partners to be turned into greige fabric. We then send the fabric to one of our dyeing site partners.
When the fabric is ready, we put it through meticulous quality control, preparing a detailed report which gives customers access to lengths in meters, minor defects, widths, weights per m2, diversity and shrinkage of each of the rolls.
Our network of cutting, sewing and ironing site partners enables us to offer a broad range of production capabilities, spanning all types of knits and woven materials as garments.

Top Sales

You may recognize some of our best-selling products as established parts of your own inventory. Please feel free to browse our main stock to see how you could make the most out of your purchasing operations.

Environment Friendly

We produce BCI (Better Cotton Initiative), organic, certified and recyled fabrics and garments.
BCI is a non-profit organization that help farmers grow cotton by reducing damage...   more


We have close business relationships with high-level producers who work under internationality-recognized certification programs: Oeko-Tex, BSCI, Sedex, Marks& Spencer, C&A, Inditex, Primark   more

Fashion For Everyone

We manufacture modern, high-fashion fabrics and garments for men, women and children. Our bottom line is being able to offer collections of a consistently high quality.

Low Volume Production

We excel at providing exceptional quality products at lower production volumes, with a bespoke focus on product, customer and service alike.

Fair Prices

We have a large network of production mills in Turkey, giving us a massive advantage when it comes to finding high-quality fabrics and garments within a competitive price range, which is our main goal when it comes to developing long-lasting relationships with our valued customers.

Clients - Our Production sites have been providing brands like: