Fabric Type

Slub Knit Fabric

Slub Knit Fabric


Slub is defined as a soft lump or thick irregular place in yarn or fabric which actually considered as a defect on the fabric. With the help of modern spinning equipement we are able to create these thick slub yarns even and without imperfections. So these manmade Slub yarns are knitted purposefully to create a fashionable regular slub look knit fabric. Slub yarns can be used on different knit variations like Jersey, Interlock, Sweatshirt Fleece, French Terry and etc.


As it was mentioned above, we are able to create with manmade Slub yarns Jerseys, Interlocks, French Terries, Sweatshirt Fleeces. These Slub Knit Fabrics can be used in a variety of different garments such as blouses, t-shirts, tops, casual dresses, panties, slips, sweatshirts, hoodies, tracksuit buttoms etc. There’s many different weights to choose from, depending on your desired usage.

Fabric Type:

Slub Knit Fabric

Also Known As:

Slubbed Knit Fabric


Slub Jersey Knit Fabric
Slub Double Faced Knit Fabric
Slub French Terry Knitted Fabric
Slub Interlock Knit Fabric
Slub Sweatshirt Fleece Knit Fabric



Weight per m2:


Minimum Order Quantity:

400 kg per colour plain
500-700 kg per design Rotational Print
200 kg per design Digital Print

For Garments:

Polo Shirts
Tracksuit Buttoms

Yarn Fiber Type:

%100 Organic Cotton (only combed)
Organic Cotton Blends
%100 BCI Cotton (only combed)
BCI Cotton Blends
%100 Cotton (Recycled, OE, Carded or Combed)
Cotton Blends
Rayon Blends
Viscose Blends
Polyester Blends
Recycled Cotton Polyester Blends

Possible Fabric Production Certifications:


Approximate Minimum Price:

9,00 USD/kg plain (recyled cotton polyester)
11,50 USD/kg Rotational printed (OE Cotton)
11,00 USD/kg Digital printed (Polyester Blends)

Print Type Available:


More About Slub Knit Fabrics:

A slub knit fabric is created with slight knots and knobbles, which can be seen as thicker, raised threads on the fabric surface. These ‘imperfections’ are either a characteristic of the yarn (mostly natural fibres), or created purposely with the intention of giving the fabric an organic, tactile look and feel.

Traditionally, slubbed fabric was considered defective and poor quality, and contemporary spinning equipement makes it possible to create smooth, even yarns without imperfections.

However, slub knit fabric is now fashionable to embrace the unrefined, natural look of slubbing, and knitters encourage slubs and even create them purposefully in manmade threads that would normally be smooth and even.

Slubs are not a defect in the fabric and is not considered a fault - they are a part of the character of the fabric.

Slub is a lump or thick spot in a yarn, or the irregular appearance of a fabric caused by such. On a slub knit fabric slubs are design feature.

(In Slub Knit Fabrics) - Usually caused by a thick or heavy place in yarn, or by lint getting onto yarn feeds.

The slub is an incidental extra-fat lump in the cotton yarn. It used to be caused by poor control of the manufacturing process, and imperfections in the fibre cleaning process. On a slub knit fabric the intention is to create a smooth, even yarn, but sometimes slubs made the yarn a little uneven. Handspun cotton and linen would always have slubs to some degree.

Right now slubbed cotton is fashionable, as it gives a rough and more casual look to the fabric.

After you have created a slubbed cotton yarn, then you can knit it into fabric or an entire garment, like a sweater.

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