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Intarsia Knit Fabric

Intarsia Knit Fabric


Intarsia knit fabric is a patterned single knit fabric (jersey-based, rib-based,or purl-based fabric). Intarsia knit fabric is made of knitting multi-coloured yarns. The Intarsia Knit fabric has the same course knitted in different colors with different yarns. It has colored designs as blocks distributed in different color backgrounds. The patterns look identical on both the face and backside of the fabric. There are no floats found on the backside of the fabric.


Intarsia knit fabrics are used in production of sweaters with large, solid-colour features like fruits, flowers, or geometric shapes. It is typically used to make shirts, blouses, and sweaters. It is the best alternative for knitwear production. Using a cable knit fabric in your production would avoid the price and overwhelmed demand problems in knitwear production.

Fabric Type:

Intarsia Knit Fabric

Also Known As:

Sweater Knit Fabric
Jaquard Knit Fabric
Intarsia Jaquard Knit Fabric

Approximate Minimum Price:

11,00 USD/kg plain



Weight per m2:


Minimum Order Quantity:

500 kg per colour plain

For Garments:


Yarn Fiber Type:

%100 Organic Cotton (only combed)
Organic Cotton Blends
%100 BCI Cotton (only combed)
BCI Cotton Blends
%100 Cotton (OE, Carded or Combed)
Cotton Blends
Wool Blends
Acrylic Blends
Polyester Blends
Recycled Cotton Polyester Blends

Possible Fabric Production Certifications:


More About Intarsia Knit Fabrics:

Intarsia knit fabric is produced with a technique used to create patterns with multiple colours. Fields of different colours and materials appear to be inlaid in one another, fit together like a jigsaw puzzle.

Unlike other multicolour fabric production technologies (like double knitted fabric production), there is only one "active" colour on any given stitch, and yarn is not carried across the back of the work; when a colour changes on a given row, the old yarn is left hanging. Intarsia knit fabric is most often worked on flat knitting machines, rather than circular ones.

The simplest intarsia knit fabric pattern is for straight vertical stripes. After the first row, the pattern is continued by always working each stitch in the same colour as the previous row, changing colours at exactly the same point in each row. To make more elaborate patterns on an intarsia knit fabric, one can let this colour boundary drift from row to row, changing colours a few stitches earlier or later each time.

The intarsia knit fabric enables you to introduce areas of color in any shape, size, and number to the background. Think of these intarsia knit fabric areas as planets floating in the universe of their background. Intarsia knit fabric is lightweight and fluid because it is only one strand thick. Intarsia pieces are most easily worked flat in rows and seamed.

Intarsia knit fabric

Weft-knitted jersey-based, rib-based,or purl-based fabric that incorporates continguous design motifs in two or more colours each area of colour being knitted from a separate yarn,which is contained entirely within that area.
An Argyle pattern is a rhombic design motif in an intarsia knit fabric.

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