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Scuba Knitted Fabric

Scuba Knitted Fabric


Scuba Knit Fabric is a heavy weight, weft knitted fabric, made with spun yarns. It has a built in 4-way stretch and is thick and spongy, with a soft and flowing feel. The drape hangs well and it retains its original shape, even after being manipulated. Scuba Knit Fabric can look especially pretty with some of the fancy prints available in scuba fabric.


Scuba knit is a medium weight double knit with a smooth, spongey texture. It is best for strong, structured garments. Scuba Knit Fabric would make a powerful statement when it comes to making an evening dress, but one, which will definitely turn heads. Scuba Knit Fabric is commonly used in Sportswear, but fort he last years it became very popular in Fashionwear and Footwear.

Fabric Type:

Scuba Knitted Fabric


Neoprene Knit Fabric
Scuba Crepe Knit Fabric

Print Type Available:




Weight per m2:


Minimum Order Quantity:

400 kg per colour plain
500 kg per design Rotational Print
400 kg per design Digital Print

For Garments:


Yarn Fiber Type:

%100 Polyester
Polyester Blends
%100 Polyamide
Polyamide Blends
Recycled Cotton Polyester Blends

Possible Fabric Production Certifications:


Approximate Minimum Price:

10,00 USD/kg plain (Polyester)
12,50 USD/kg Rotational printed (Polyester)
12,00 USD/kg Digital printed (Polyester)

More About Scuba Knit Fabrics:

The structure of the Scuba Knit fabric is created by a construction of a very fine double knit. One layer is knitted in one direction, one in the other. The fabric holds a good amount of stretch along the bias and horizontal points, with a small amount vertically.

Scuba fabric is widely used in the fashion industry, its properties make it the ideal candidate for the ever changing shapes and patterns of fashion clothing.

This four way stretch allows the fabric to effortlessly follow curves whist adding a helping hand to hold some at bay! Some average stretch fabrics will stretch all over the place without structure but scuba has a far more calculated approach that results in a fabric that lends itself particularly well to feminine clothing.

The fabric is available in a huge abundance of colours so its easy for scuba to follow the changing colour trends.

Printing patterns and pictures into scuba is easy too, the ultra fine knit allows intricate designs with even the finest graduation of shades to show clearly and smoothly on the fabric, and the structures four way stretch will bounce back with every move so the design will not warp.

Scuba v Neoprene

Scuba is the popular term for for double knit four way stretch polyester fabric. Scuba and neoprene fabric are often confused, this is understandable as its uses and names are a little mixed!

Neoprene consists of a thick foamy layer sandwiched between two layers of stretch polyester knit fabric, sometimes a four way stretch, and is very popular for water sports including scuba diving. Scuba fabric doesn’t have the foam layer, though its double knit properties has a slightly spongy feel.

Scuba fabric has been and can be used for water sports as the double knit can create a warm layer but neoprene has really taken over that task. Scuba fabric and the thick PU foam can be combined together to make neoprene, this too can add to the slight confusion of separating the fabrics.

Scuba is generally used to make dance-wear, leggings and dresses (think of evening or party dresses) and is quite easy to care for. When sewing scuba, we would recommend using larger stitches than you may normally do so, to account for both the stretch and the ‘spongey’ texture of the fabric.

Scuba fabric is the fashion version of neoprene, the skin-tight fabric used by scuba divers. Scuba is a double-knit fabric, usually made of Polyester mixed with either Lycra or Spandex. Scuba dresses are very flattering no matter the figure (they look great on plus size ladies!) because they smooth out any imperfections and provide extra support.

Scuba is a spun polyester with elasthane, spandex or lycra double knit. (This means that 2 fabrics are knitted simultaneously together). Some patterns even look like 2 different fabrics stuck together. Because of the double knit being done with such small fibres it has a smooth surface and a springy feel to it similar to that of neoprene, only it is thinner, more flexible and has better drapeability, yet still has enough body to it to hold some shape.

Like neoprene, scuba knit fabric is not renowned for being breathable, and can get quite warm, so it is probably not the best fabric choice for a summer dress. However, because of the way it holds its shape, it can be fantastic when incorporated into clothing such as a jacket, top or as a skirt, or winter dress, and it is often used in lingerie. Scuba Knit Fabric can look especially pretty with some of the stunning prints available in scuba fabric. It is frequently used in body hugging dresses, but is equally good when cut with some slack at creating a floaty effect away from the body which is great for plus size sewing too.

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