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Outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets Production

Outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets Production


Our inevitable journey through the clothing industry has matured filtering into a humble drive force,packed with generations of valuable expertise and experiences in the making of Outerwear Jackets production.We have been developing and producing premium quality Outerwear Jackets for luxurious European brands in Turkey since 1990.

We offer specialist one stop services,providing our clients the options of working on CMT,CIF or FOB terms and conditions.We begin with developing design and fit samples subject to instructions that are unique to each client.We work in close cooperation with our clients throughout all stages of development and production.Ensuring to progress and complete Sealing, SMS and Production stages to the agreed critical path.We promise to produce and deliver premium quality Mens & Womens Outerwear Jackets at the most affordable prices.

Garment Type:

Men's and Women's outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets

Fabric Weight:

from 180gr/m2 up to 650gr/m2

Minimum Order Quantity:

400pcs per style and colour

Product Categories:

Mens & Womens Technical Outerwear Jackets Production
Mens & Womens Goose Down Insulation Jackets Production
Mens & Womens Synthetic Insulation Jackets Production
Mens & Womens Bomber Jackets Production
Mens & Womens Casual Jackets Production

Fabric Type:

100% Polyamide Outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets Manufacturer
Polyamide Blends
100% Polyester Outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets Manufacturer
Polyester Blends
100% Cotton Outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets Manufacturer
Cotton Blends
Velvet Outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets Manufacturer
100% Wool Outerwear Jackets Manufacturer
Wool Blends
100% Linen Outerwear Jackets Manufacturer
Linen Blends

Client Details - Our Production sites have been producing Outwear Jackets & Down Jackets for Exclusive Brands:

Peuterey Outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets Supplier
Superdry Outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets Supplier
La Martina Outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets Supplier
Woolrich Outerwear Jackets & Down Jackets Supplier

Ethical Trading - Production Site Compliance Certifications:

Sedex Membership & Site Linking (SMETA)
Ethical Trading Initiative Base Code Third Party Independent Auditing (ETI)

Approximate Price & Working Terms:

CMT / FOB / CIF – Prices are subject to the order quantity and styling details.

More About Outwear Jackets & Down Jackets Production:

A down jacket is insulated soft and warm under feathers from duck or geese.Down is a fantastic insulator as the loft of down creates thousands of tiny air pockets which trap warm air and retain heat,thus helping to keep the wearer very warm in cold winter weather.The down fill of a jacket or coat will be either goose down,duck down or a combination of the two.Goose down is often regarded as the warmest and lightest but duck down jackets with a combination are often more cost effective.Down fill power is a measure of the loft or ‘fluffiness’ of the down and it’s insulating properties.The higher the fill power,the more air pockets in the down and the more insulating the jacket or coat will be for it’s weight.Fill power is calculated in laboratory conditions and is measured in cubic inches per ounce.To test fill power an ounce of down is compressed by a weight in a glass cylinder.It’s ability to bounce back and ‘loft’ is calculated as the fill power.Fill power is also an indication of the quality of the down used.The better the quality of the down the higher the fill power,as less down is required to provide the same amount of warmth.Jacket & Coats with a higher fill power tend to be lighter and more compressible.Fill power ranges between 400 – 900. For down outerwear ratings will generally fall between 600 – 800.

Ideal Cut & Design:

A down jacket should not be too fitted or too loose.You should allow for adding layers underneath but ensure it’s not too roomy as cold air could get through.Down jackets tend to be heavier than regular waterproof jackets or wool coats so remember you need a bit of room to allow for comfortable movement.

Mens & Womens Outerwear Fabrics:

The materials used for the outer shell will have an effect on the jackets performance in four vital ways DURABİLİTY,WEİGHT,WARMTH & WATERPROOFNESS/BREATHABİLİTY.
A super lighweight down jacket will be made with a thin,light material for the outershell.Although ideal for reducing weight they can be more vulnerable to snagging and abrasions. This type of jacket is great if if you are wearing it now and again on cold days.If you are looking for a jacket to wear regularly for many years to come,it is worth looking for a slightly heavier and thicker outershell which will last for longer.


We purchase yarns and send them to one of our weaving mill partners to produce a greige fabric.We then send the greige fabric to one of our dyeing mill partners.Once the fabrics are ready we send them to our cutting,sewing and processing mill partners who are specialized in Down jackets & Outerwear Production.

Our production sites work in compliance with the code of conduct and adhere to the local and international laws of Ethical Trading Standards.

Our Deaign Room is based in London – Development and Production are worked from Istanbul / Turkey.We combine the dynamics of our highly creative design room in London,with the know how and expertise of our workforce in Istanbul.Working with immense focus on attention to detail,we are proud to offer Premium quality Womens & Mens Down Jackets and Outerwear at the most affordable prices.

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