Fabric Type

Nepped Knit Fabric

Nepped Knit Fabric


Nep is defined as a small knot (or cluster) of entangled fibres consisting either entirely of fibres or of foreign matter entangled with fibres. With the help of modern spinning equipement we are able to create these small knots added evenly and without imperfections to a knit fabric which we call Nepped Knit Fabric. So these manmade nepped yarns are knitted purposefully to create a fashionable regular neppy look knit fabric. Nepped Knit yarns can be used on different knit variations like Jersey, Interlock, Sweatshirt Fleece, French Terry and etc.


As it was mentioned above, we are able to create with manmade nepped yarns Jerseys, Interlocks, French Terries, Sweatshirt Fleeces. These Nepped Knit Fabrics can be used in a variety of different garments such as blouses, t-shirts, tops, casual dresses, panties, slips, sweatshirts, hoodies, tracksuit buttoms etc. There’s many different weights to choose from, depending on your desired usage.

Fabric Type:

Nepped Knit Fabric

Also Known As:

Multicolor Nepped Knit Fabric
Neppy Knit Fabric


Nepped Jersey Knit Fabric
Nepped Double Faced Knit Fabric
Nepped French Terry Knitted Fabric
Nepped Interlock Knit Fabric
Nepped Sweatshirt Fleece Knit Fabric



Weight per m2:


Minimum Order Quantity:

400 kg per colour plain

For Garments:

Polo Shirts
Tracksuit Buttoms

Yarn Fiber Type:

%100 Organic Cotton (only combed)
Organic Cotton Blends
%100 BCI Cotton (only combed)
BCI Cotton Blends
%100 Cotton (OE, Carded or Combed)
Cotton Blends
Rayon Blends
Viscose Blends
Recycled Cotton Polyester Blends

Possible Fabric Production Certifications:


Approximate Minimum Price:

8,50 USD/kg plain (Recycled Cotton-Polyester Blend)

More About Nepped Knit Fabrics:

When a garment is neppy, or has a nep, it usually just means that the fabric of the garment has been knitted in a way that some of the cotton fibers extend and protrude from the main surface. But if a fabric is knitted for the fashion purposes as a Nepped Knit Fabric these neps are regular and manmade.

A nep can be defined as a small knot (or cluster) of entangled fibres consisting either entirely of fibres (i.e. a fibre nep) or of foreign matter (e.g. a seed-coat fragment) entangled with fibres. But if this neppy yarn is manmade and used on a fabric for fashion purposes, the fabric is called Nepped Knit Fabric.

Slub yarn; neppy yarn. fancy yarn in which small reinforced areas - known as neps - are formed at specified intervals, typically in a variety of colours, to achieve a decorative effect in a knit fabric is called Nepped Knit Fabric. Neps can be added to mixes or webs.

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