Fabric Type

Jacquard Knit Fabric

Jacquard Knit Fabric


Jacquard Knit fabrics are single jersey fabrics made of Circular Knitting machines using Jacquard mechanism. Jacquard Knit Fabrics are the simplest method of making patterned fabrics. They are produced with interesting patterns, which may have any of the following: Combinations of stitches or combinations of yarn types in terms of color textures etc.


Jacquard Knit fabrics have different colored loops made of different threads in the same course. Floats are an inherent feature of single jersey jacquards. Jacquard Knit Fabrics are widely used in the Ladieswear industry. Jacquard Knit fabrics are suitable for tops, skirts, dresses, sturdy leggings and cardigans. Jacquard Knit fabrics are thicker than most knits and are perfect for creating structured tops, jackets, skirts, and dresses.

Fabric Type:

Jacquard Knit Fabric

Also Known As:

Jacquard Jersey Fabric
Jacquard Interlock Fabric
Jacquard Single Jersey Fabric
Jacquard Double Jersey Fabric
Jacquard Double Knit Fabric
Cable Knit Jacquard Fabric

Approximate Minimum Price:

10,50 USD/kg plain (Recycled Cotton Polyester Blend



Weight per m2:


Minimum Order Quantity:

400 kg per colour plain

For Garments:


Yarn Fiber Type:

%100 Organic Cotton (only combed)
Organic Cotton Blends
%100 BCI Cotton (only combed)
BCI Cotton Blends
%100 Cotton (OE, Carded or Combed)
Cotton Blends
%100 polyester
Polyester Blends
Polyamide Blends
Rayon Blends
%100 Visccose
Viscose Blends
Recycled Cotton Polyester Blends

Possible Fabric Production Certifications:


More About Jacquard Knit Fabrics:

Jacquard knit fabric is either a single or double knit fabric made with any yarn. Compared to single knit, double knit has no floats on the back and is reversible.

Once confined to a heavy sweater-like thickness, jacquard knit fabrics can now be manufactured at considerably lighter weights thanks to improved fabric production technologies.

Jacquard Knit Fabric is different than a traditional knit fabric in that the machine used to manufacture it is much more complex and has computer aided design capabilities. These capabilities allow the use of automated patterning, ability to use 2 or more yarns at a time, and can be used to create double-sided reversable fabrics which can not be made on a traditional knitting machine.

In the jacquard knit fabric production process, an extra yarn of a different color is added to the stitches to create a pattern. (The patterns may be isolated to a certain area, or an all-over design.) The pattern develops as one of the colored yarns is purposely miss-knitted to allow one yarn (color) to appear and the face, causing the other yarn (color) to appear as a floater yarn on the back side of the knitted fabric. This is also a modification of fabric plaiting.

The compound type jacquard knitted fabric comprises main yarns, wherein each main yarn is formed by spinning a viscose or rayon yarn and a polyester (PES) yarn through a circular knitting machine, and conductive fibers are mixed in the main yarns. The compound type jacquard knitted fabric is formed by combining PES short fibers and long fibers of viscose or rayon, based on the fact that other performance is not reduced, largely improves the anti-pollution performance, and has an excellent dyeing property at the same time. The interlaced conductive fibers enable the compound type jacquard knitted fabric not to accumulate static electricity.

Jacquard Knit Fabric is a weft-double knit fabric in which a Jacquard Type of mechanism is used. This device indıvidually controls needles or small groups of needles and allows very complex and highly patterned knits to be created.

(knit-miss) rib jacquard fabrics
weft-knitted rib-based fabrics that show a multicoloured design motif on the effect side and striped backing, birdseye backing, plain backing or another multicoloured design motif on the reverse side. The needles are individually selected for knitting and mis-knitting and the selection of the needles in any one course is complementary to that of the other courses within the repeat.
jersey jacquard knit fabric
(knit-tuck) rib jacquard knit fabric
purl jacquard knit fabric
purl jacquard design fabric
warp-knitted jacquard fabrics

flat jacquard fabrics
flat jacquard fabrics
jacquard cloth USA

reverse jacquard fabric
weft-knitted rib-based fabric in which the design on the effect side is reversed on the other side by alternation of the two component threads between the two sides In a double-faced jacquard knit fabric, a different design is knitted on each side.

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