Fabric Type

Double Knit Fabric

Double Knit Fabric


Double knit fabric is constructed with two sets of needles, creating loops on both the front and back. These loops are interwoven so that the two layers are intertwined and will not separate. This results in a dense fabric that is twice the thickness of a normal knit fabric and possesses firm stability on par with woven fabrics.


Double knits are suitable for tops, pants, skirts, dresses, sturdy leggings and cardigans.
Double knit fabrics are thicker than most knits and are perfect for creating structured tops, jackets, skirts, and dresses. Double knit garments are wrinkle resistant, so they’re sure to be your go-to wardrobe items when packing. jackets, pants and skirts
Tailored garments, like jackets, suits, or dresses.

Fabric Type:

Double Knit Fabric

Also Known As:

Double Layer Knit Fabric
Double Jersey

Print Type Available:




Weight per m2:


Minimum Order Quantity:

400 kg per colour plain
500-700 kg per design Rotational Print
200 kg per design Digital Print

For Garments:

Track Suits
Track Suit Bottom

Yarn Fiber Type:

%100 Organic Cotton (only combed)
Organic Cotton Blends
%100 BCI Cotton (only combed)
BCI Cotton Blends
%100 Cotton (OE, Carded or Combed)
Cotton Blends
%100 polyester
Polyester Blends
Rayon Blends
Viscose Blends
Recycled Cotton Polyester Blends

Possible Fabric Production Certifications:


Approximate Minimum Price:

9,00 USD/kg plain (Recycled Cotton Polyester Blend)
11,50 USD/kg Rotational printed (OE Cotton with maximum weight per m2)
11,00 USD/kg Digital printed (polyester and with maximum weight per m2)

More About Double Knit Fabrics:

A double knit machine, which has two complete sets of needles, is required for this construction. Double Knit fabrics are made from the interlock stitches and its variations. The process involves the use of two pairs of needles set at an angle to each other. Fibers that the generally used to make double knits are cotton and polyester. Double knits are weft knitted fabrics made with two sets of needle beds.

Double knit fabrics can be knitted with interesting designs and textures. One or two yarns are used to knit one course in the fabric.

Double knit fabric is a type of knit fabric that is made with a double weave construction usually creating a more stable knit. Double knit fabric gives a more structured, stable look to your garments and are great for beginners wanting to sew with knits.

Double knit fabrics are more stable and don’t roll as much as their lighter weight friends, making them easy to sew with. They are also a great choice when you want a crisp, structured look while still maintaining the stretch and comfort of a knit fabric.

Double knit fabric is literally just that, the structure is doubly knit. This weft knit fabric is created with two sets of needles and more strands of yarn than a single knit. The layers of fabric are knit together as they are formed. When finished, the double knit fabric has two faces or knit sides, and the back or purl side is actually interlocked together.

Double knit fabrics tend to be firmer and more stable than other types of knits. This makes them easier to sew with, but also less stretchy. Holding a double knit fabric, you’ll notice that the fabric feels firm and thick. This structure is ideal for fabrics that will be used for bottoms, in garments that need durability, or when you want a heavier drape and hand of fabric for any type of garment.

Double knit fabric is a medium to heavyweight textile that can be used for a variety of garments. Unlike most knit fabrics, which are used for garments that require stretch to fit properly, the unique construction of double knit fabric results in a very stable fabric suitable for items whose weight would distort with any other knit.

A double knit fabric is created by knitting two layers of fabric together with multiple sets of needles. Double Knit fabric - A weft knit fabric in which two layers of loops are formed that cannot be separated. The fabric structure is more stable and compact. The fabrics do not curl at the edges and do not ravel.

The double-needle construction of these double knit fabrics results in a fabric that, unlike single knit fabrics, does not curl at the edges. Because knitted loops constitute both the front and back of the fabric, it can be reversible--or either side can be used as the “right side.” Double knit fabric is also wrinkle-resistant, making it ideal for travel wardrobes.

Made with two sets of yarns, this double-constructed fabric has fine ribs running lengthwise on both sides. Usually looks same on fabric’s face and reverse, making it reversible. Fancy double knits may have novelty stitch on fabric’s face and fine ribs on reverse.

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